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Runes of Mystery
Nov 24, 2020
First of all, greetings to everyone, friends. As we mentioned in the title, those who know will know. After a long period of Infinite Adventure (Runes of Mystery), we decided to publish the game in Turkey. Our server has actually been open for quite some time. We are opening this topic in order to introduce this game to our friends who have loved this game in the past and still love and want to play it or to our friends who want to experience new.

Although Runes of Mystery has a very large world, it is a comprehensive MMORPG game in which it is involved in crafts such as alchemy, blacksmithing, tailoring, carpentry, as well as countless dungeons that you can enter as a party in the game. I will provide you with a few details about the game in detail:

There are 8 classes in total in the game. 6 of these are Human races and 2 are Elven races. Of course you have the chance to create some classes in both human and elven races. The races and their classes are listed as follows.

Human: Knight, Warrior, Mage, Priest, Scout, Trickster

Elf: Guardian, Naturalist, Sorcerer, Warrior, Trickster

Apart from that, there is a wide network of missions in the game. In general, you will be able to reach the last level by doing various tasks. In addition to increasing your level by performing tasks, you have the opportunity to increase your skills to your current level by obtaining Ability Points (HP) to improve your skills.

There are countless dungeons in the game, starting from 15 levels up to 65 levels. And these dungeons are extremely enjoyable and require strategy. So you have a chance to overcome these dungeons by building a team with your friends or from the game.

The game has a dual class system. You can have a common skill tree by combining it with any class other than your main class. This allows your character to develop in more diverse areas. Apart from that, apart from the PvE game mode, a serious PVP and Clan war system will be waiting for you. If you have a competitive team, we have enough content to satisfy you.

To summarize for our players who dominate the game:

Level Cap: 52 (and updated content will come all the time)

XP and HP ratio: X1 (including quests and creatures)

We are waiting for all our old new players to our game.

Runes of Mystery

  • Are you ready to take your place in this mysterious world in the war of centuries-old chaos? Hundreds of content is waiting for you! Explore huge maps in mysterious lands: build your character, choose your side and fight for your honor!

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